PLANit Global set to launch innovative new online careers platform

PLANit Global will be launching its innovative online careers platform on Friday 21st October at its Wolverhampton Science Park HQ.

PLANit Global is a user-friendly online interface which connects businesses with young people. Trialled and tested with a number of West Midlands schools and students, the company’s founders David Darlaston and Paul Coxhead are confident they have something a bit different to offer businesses and young people alike.

“PLANit Global has been designed to be appealing and functional for young people, showing them the businesses in their area and the types of careers they can follow in local companies, and presenting this information using the game-play format they are familiar with,” said David Darlaston, PLANit Global’s CEO.

“Businesses, too, can cost-effectively promote their brand, their values and the sector in which they operate – whether they’re a micro-business or a multi-national – whilst supporting their local community and fulfilling corporate social responsibility commitments.”

The PLANit Global platform models an outer space environment with 27 different PLANits, each featuring a different business sector, such as professional services, manufacturing, retail and so on.

Businesses buy a space on the relevant PLANit for their sector and upload information about the company, the staff who work there, the jobs they do, the qualifications and experience they have, and their opinions on what it’s like to work there.

Young people (or ‘explorers’) pilot their customisable spaceship around the PLANits, landing on the ones that appeal to them, ‘collecting’ the companies they are interested in and saving them to their ‘My PLANit’ area.

The technology has been thoroughly beta-tested in Midlands schools and colleges with the help of educational consultants WiderLearning, who work with schools to develop innovative solutions to long-standing problems. The challenges facing careers education teachers, with pressures on time and resources, have been one of the driving forces behind the foundation of PLANit Global.

The launch of the platform is a key stage in the development of PLANit Global, with future plans including a nationwide roll-out and the development of an app and a ‘DNA matcher’ facility, helping explorers find the right match for their personality, experience, likes and dislikes.

The company is also looking to establish the platform into Europe and the Middle East, and is currently seeking investment to help fund further expansion.

You can register to attend the launch event on 21st October via our Eventbrite invitation.

Employer engagement is key to improving skills shortages, say reports

Employers key to improving skills shortagesTwo recent reports from Government and Industry have both concluded that businesses need to play a greater and more direct role in helping solve the skills shortage, which is only likely to worsen in the near future.

The CBI, in its annual Education and Skills Survey, says that businesses desperately need to recruit more highly skilled employees and reduce their intake of low-skilled staff. The recent vote to leave the EU will only exacerbate the situation, reducing further companies’ access to the skilled workers they need to increase productivity.

Meanwhile in early July BIS, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (before its subsequent integration into the Department for Education), published a report by its Sub-Committee on Education, Skills and the Economy (ESE) which identified inadequate careers guidance in schools leading to many young people entering the jobs market without having had the chance to fully consider their options for future careers and what opportunities were available to them.

The BIS report recommended that young people should have an opportunity to better understand the world of work, through encounters with employers and meaningful work experience opportunities. This echoes the CBI report, which noted that employers want to do more to work with schools and develop young people’s awareness of work through engagement with business.

PLANit Global is already working to help businesses showcase their offer directly to young people via an interactive, game-based portal. Together with support from schools, we’re committed to building vital links between local businesses and the local young people that want to work for them.

“With everything else they have to achieve, there’s only so much schools can do on their own to foster links with local businesses. Similarly, companies rarely have the time, staff or resources to commit to face-to-face engagement in schools,” said PLANit Global CEO David Darlaston.

“Nevertheless, our research shows that there’s a real desire on the part of young people to find out more about the world of work from employers before they take the step into further and higher education. PLANit Global is a first step towards achieving this: schools can use it to help students identify local employers and business sectors they may be interested in, and plan the best route into a job that interests them.

“From a business perspective, PLANit Global is a cost-effective and engaging way to inspire young people to work in their industry or business sector, with real businesses and real people uploading information onto the portal for young people to explore and discover. Many, if not most SMEs are committed to supporting young people and PLANit Global is the ideal way to do so.”

The PLANit Global portal is in the final stages of its beta-testing phase and will launch at the start of the 2016-17 school year.