What they say

“PLANit Global looks set to revolutionise careers advice for young people and Compton Hospice are excited to be a part of the concept. Not only does the programme allow us to demonstrate the wealth of job roles that the hospice has to offer – some that many don’t often know they might find in a hospice environment – but, as an added bonus, it also allows us to guide potential fundraisers through to our Compton Champions Award website. The PLANIT Global website is slick and professional and yet simple and easy to use – perfect for busy professionals – and the pre-formed questions really allow students to understand the most important elements of each job role. Above all else, we were most impressed by the PLANit Global team who are not only on hand for any technical issues, but genuinely have a passion to introduce young people to their dream careers.“

Vicki Wootton, Events Fundraiser, Compton Hospice

“PLANit Global is an extremely creative resource. Its versatility and the ability it has to be personalised will be invaluable for students.”

Stephanie Bingham, Head of Year 10, Wednesfield High Academy

“As an academy, we’re really excited to launch PLANit Global for our students. It will become embedded in the CEIAG programme providing students with a fun and interactive tool to help them make informed choices about their future career.”

Rachel Beazley, Assistant Headteacher, Wednesfield High Academy